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The Right to Health in Latin America

Professor César Abadía-Barrero

University of Connecticut


Human Rights and American Cultures

Professor Rita Maran

University of California Berkeley


Human Rights in Latin America

Professor Molly Ryan.

University of California Berkeley


Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America

Professor Edy Kaufman

University of Maryland


The Culture and Politics of Human Rights in the Américas

Professor Rosa-Linda Fregoso

Merrill College


Human Rights and Basic Needs in the Americas

Professor Margaret E. Crahan

Hunter College


Examining the Impact of Perpetrator Narratives on the Quest for Truth and Justice

In this activity, students will use the book, The Flight: Confessions of an Argentine Dirty Warrior, to identify and assess the various impacts that personal narratives can have on restorative and retributive justice efforts.

Lesson Plan